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Our TeamExeter Latin America is a team of travel experts passionate about our region’s unparalleled diversity of landscapes, cultures and cuisines. Each of us has a deep personal connection with Latin America from living in and traveling extensively from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego – giving us the first-hand knowledge and connections you need to make your trip extraordinary.

Nothing gets us more excited than putting our passion to work crafting an unforgettable custom journey for you and your travel companions.

We will of course take you to the unforgettable places no seasoned traveler would dare to miss, but that’s really just the beginning of your journey with us. After our first meeting to find out what interests you and the kind of memories you hope to create, we then dig deep into our extensive repertoire to tailor your private itinerary.

More than just a perfectly-executed trip with best available accommodations, we want you to come home having caught a glimpse of the soul of the land you’re visiting – and eager to return for more.

From the faded glory of Havana’s old city to the ruins of Machu Picchu, from the lush mountains of Colombia’s coffee region to the glaciers of Patagonia and beyond, let Exeter Latin America show you the wonders that await you in this region we love so deeply.


Our Team

Joe SandilloCo-Founder

Joe’s love for Latin America began at an early age, growing up around Cuban American friends in Tampa, Florida. He went on to major in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Florida, where his passion for travel was sparked by nearly a year of living in Brazil and traveling to Argentina and Paraguay.

Not long after returning to the US, Joe found a way to combine his twin passions by joining the Exeter International team, where he served as Latin America Sales Director for several years before life took him to Washington DC for a bit of a detour managing international development projects in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Ultimately, the travel bug led Joe back to Exeter International, where he spent several years growing Exeter’s business from Latin American clients before co-founding Exeter Latin America (then Exeter Journeys) in 2016 with Greg Tepper. Joe leads his like-minded team in crafting itineraries that show our guests the best of Latin America, and his expertise has been recognized by leading publications including Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, and the Wall Street Journal. Joe lives in San Francisco, the birthplace of the sourdough bread he enjoys baking with various degrees of success.

Greg TepperCo-Founder

Greg is the founder of The Exeter Collection, three individual companies specializing in luxury custom-private travel to Europe, Latin America, and Africa. The first of these companies Exeter International, celebrated 30 years in business in 2023 and is considered an industry leader. Joe was among the first employees at Exeter International, managing Latin American travelers visiting Central and Eastern Europe. Recognizing that Joe’s passion lay in Latin America, Greg went into business with Joe and launched Exeter Journeys (now Exeter Latin America) in 2016. Their collaboration reflects Greg’s commitment to expanding the world of tailored travel experiences based on finding the people with the right expertise in crafting unforgettable journeys, rather than starting with expansion and then finding the right expertise. Greg has since developed his passion for Latin America, leading small groups of travelers to Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Chile. In 2020, Greg launched the Exeter Safari Company with Scott Simpson, specializing in exceptional African Safaris.

Kyle ShafferTravel Designer

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Kyle has spent years perfecting his Spanish language skills, starting with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University. Following graduation, Kyle hit the road with 4 months of traveling and volunteering across Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. In the process, Kyle not only perfected his Spanish but also deepened his love for and understanding of the diverse cultures and languages of South America. Next, he headed to Merida, Spain, where he spent a year teaching English and using every long weekend to travel across Europe. On return to the US, Kyle worked as an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher for a spell before joining the Exeter Latin America team in 2019. Kyle excels at family and group trips across our destinations, as well as keeping our team laughing with his quick wit and sense of humor.

Xitlaly (Laly) OrtizTravel Designer

Born in the enchanting city of Guadalajara, Mexico, Laly’s story is one of rediscovery – a tale of falling in love with the land of her roots anew. Laly moved to the US as a toddler but by her early teens began returning to and exploring Mexico regularly, approaching its wonders with the eyes of a curious tourist. Whether it’s visiting family in Guadalajara or scouting new guest experiences elsewhere in Mexico, each trip back to her birth country is a dance between nostalgia and newfound appreciation. As one of our Travel Designers, she brings her unique perspective and love for all things Latin America to every custom journey she creates – plus a sunny disposition that brightens our day.

Regina AlvarezTravel Assistant

A global soul with roots in Mexico, Regina cultivated her love for diverse cultures through living in the U.S., Australia and Malaysia. Fueled by her passion for travel and hospitality, she pursued studies in hospitality and event and hotel management in Australia. The COVID pandemic led her back to Mexico, where she joined our team in 2022 to support our work crafting unforgettable experiences for clients. With a deep love for Mexican culture, she weaves her passion for travel, people, and creating moments into the fabric of Exeter. Beyond her travel coordination role, Regina is the creative force behind our social media, loves cooking, practices yoga, and immerses herself in the world of music.

Javier RamosTravel Assistant

Javier, lover of adventure and world cultures, initially pursued a Hospitality Management degree in his hometown, Quito, Ecuador. After gaining experience in hotels and events, he elevated his career through the Disney College program in Orlando, Florida. Despite pandemic challenges, he returned to Ecuador, completing another bachelor’s degree in marketing. Leveraging online opportunities during the pandemic, he worked abroad, traversing Central America while pursuing his studies. He backpacked while remotely contributing to digital marketing firms. Immersed in diverse cultures, he cultivated a robust network, propelling his career. Nowadays he takes pride in his role for Exeter Latin America, crafting exceptional experiences. His profound passion for cultures, languages, and exploration, coupled with travel industry expertise, makes him a valued part of our team.

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