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Cuba's Moment

Although isolated from the United States for decades, Cuba has never faded far from our hearts and our imaginations. Her music, her culture, her cuisine and, of course, her rum and cigars, are all well known and loved around the world.

Despite some recent changes in US rules on Cuba travel, this is still the perfect time to visit island to experience her culture and spectacular natural beauty firsthand through a private cultural itinerary. And with our headquarters in Tampa, Florida–home of one of the oldest Cuban communities in the U.S.– Exeter Latin America offers you a particularly deep connection to the island.

Whether just a long weekend exploring the fascinating contrasts of the capital, Havana, to a longer exploration of the island including the lush Viñales Valley, the colonial splendor of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, and the heart of Afro-Cuban culture in Santiago, you will be truly amazed by a place and a people unlike any other.


Compelling Cultural Exchanges

Traveling to Cuba with Exeter Latin America will feature an in-depth cultural experience through a full daily itinerary meeting people of all backgrounds, in order to reach the Cuba that few visitors ever experience.

Below you’ll find just a few examples to pique your curiosity, but the options are constantly growing, and we look forward to tailoring a unique private people-to-people itinerary for you.

  • Explore Old Havana’s array of styles – from colonial Baroque to 50s modernism – with a specialized architecture guide and learn about the challenges of restoring decaying historic structures.
  • Visit the studios of emerging artists for a snapshot of the vibrant arts scene through exchanges with the artists.
  • Enjoy a food-focused exchange with a Havana chef, visiting markets and urban cooperative farms and learning how he adapts his small business to challenges in today’s Cuba.
  • Trace the steps of Hemingway with a noted expert, including a stop to meet the fishing village that served as inspiration for one of Hemingway’s most iconic works.
  • Meet a small tobacco farmer and learn how to roll a cigar in Viñales, the heart of the tobacco region
  • Sample the best Cuban rum paired with some of the country’s most iconic – and delicious – dishes with a Cuban sommelier and entrepreneur.


Customized for You

All of our Cuba journeys are private and completely tailored to your specific interests and needs, while always featuring the most upscale experience possible and complying with the U.S. general licenses for legal travel to Cuba.

This customization extends even to your accommodations. In addition to the best available hotels permissible for stay by U.S. citizens, we have the connections and firsthand knowledge to offer you a carefully selected array of privately-owned serviced apartments, B&Bs and villas across the island. These represent a far better value than most state-owned hotels, giving you and your group or family greater flexibility and privacy, as well as better, more personalized service.

Legal Cuba Travel

Exeter Latin America operates private journeys to Cuba in compliance with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s general licenses for Cuba travel. We stay abreast of any and all U.S. regulation changes, to ensure your trip meets the requirements. (Contact us for the latest on Legal Cuba Travel.)

Our custom journeys include the required full daily schedule of cultural exchanges, while still being tailored to your interests and giving you some flexibility. We use our favorite private sector guides and drivers, and you will generally dine only in our favorite privately-owned restaurants (paladares) – all to ensure you’re supporting Cuba’s burgeoning private sector as much as possible.

Sample Itineraries

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