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Any trip to Cuba must begin with the majestic faded glory of Havana. Located on the northern coast of Cuba just 105 miles from the U.S., Havana was founded in the 16th century by the Spanish and quickly became a jewel in its New World holdings as a strategic trading stop between Spain and its colonies. Although the colonial days are long gone, Old Havana is still home to one of the largest number of Spanish colonial buildings and therefore a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With investments in ongoing restoration since the 1990s, the faded facades of colonial buildings, the fountain-filled plazas, and the oceanfront promenade known as the malecón are all slowly returning to former glory. Havana (and Cuba overall) is one of the most exciting destinations in the world today, offering the chance to witness yet another period of change through the eyes of everyday Cubans.

While some visitors arrive interested in learning about the past – from the colonial period to the Mafia heyday, from Hemingway’s Havana to Fidel’s revolution – there is so much more to experience and enjoy, even while riding around in a beautifully restored, vintage 1950s Chevrolet convertible. Delve into the vibrant arts scene with a visit to studios of young contemporary artists. Visit a local ecofarm to learn about innovative approaches to meeting Cuba’s food production needs. Get your feet moving with a community-based Afro-Cuban dance company. Head out after dinner to enjoy some run on the malecón with the locals, or hear the richness of Cuban musical styles in countless venues around town. Cuba has arguably the richest culture in the Caribbean, and there is no limit to the ways in which Exeter Latin America can help you fully experience and enjoy it.

Exeter Latin America offers you the chance to see the real Havana through our custom, private trips to Cuba, all built with our deep understanding of Cuba’s past and present, our exceptional local connections and insider access, and the most comfortable accommodations available.

With so much change happening in US-Cuba relations and travel to Cuba, lots of questions arise.  Here are answers to 10 important questions about Cuba travel.

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