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Come to Brazil

We love Latin America, but Brazil holds a special place in our hearts. Our founder Joe Sandillo’s passion for the region really took off the first time he lived in Brazil in the mid 1990s, a period of accelerated change and economic growth in the South American behemoth.

Continental in size and global in the reach of its music and culture, Brazil is an epic destination like no other.  Indigenous, European and African influences have mixed and melded over five centuries to produce one of the world’s most diverse nations – one that dazzles visitors with its cultural richness and dynamism.

Brazil has something for every traveler – the lively ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest, the bustling cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the colonial cities of mountainous Minas Gerais, the immensity of Iguaçu Falls, the rich Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador da Bahia, and of course countless spectacular beaches from Trancosco to Florianopolis and beyond.

As the fifth-largest country in the world, a great trip to Brazil will lead you to all its different corners for a deep dive into its cuisine, its ethnic diversity, and its rich history.

Our sample itineraries below feature just a few of the endless combinations of destinations we can offer you – and don’t worry, we’ll even give you a fun primer on how to tackle Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation before you go!

Volte sempre!

Sample Itineraries

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