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Welcome to Mexico  – a country blessed with abundant shoreline, a robust portfolio of culinary delights, vibrant colonial cities, some of the world’s finest art museums, underground fresh water caves, and ruins to explore that tell the story of this diverse country.


Just a short flight from the United States, Mexico is an often overlooked destination for rich cultural offerings, a land seemingly familiar but with many unknown secrets simply waiting to be discovered. For many people images of margaritas, maracas, and tacos may be the first to come to mind. Our hope is to show you something more – to connect you with incredible local guides who truly love their country and want to show you the rich layers of its culture and who will bring you to the lesser known, but equally spectacular, locations.


The experiences awaiting you in Mexico are plentiful and can be hand picked to match your interests. With an average of 20 ingredients you could spend a day in Oaxaca learning how to make mole. Or, if wildlife inspires head to Baja where grey whales and their calfs will swim right up to your boat hoping to be pet. If the mystical world of the Maya intrigues you there are countless ruins waiting to be explored, or you could partake in a temazcal ceremony (a traditional Mayan sweat lodge). Or there is always the countries unbelievable art scene – with Mexico City offering more museums than any other city in the world, not to mention the renowned home of Frida Kalho and Diego Rivera.


Of course, the beach is always a reason to visit Mexico as well and we will happily help you relax by the country’s stunning coast. From the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean, to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, to the abundant marine life of the Sea of Cortez –  there are many ways to sink your toes into the sand and unwind.


Our hope is to help you fall in love with the beauty of Mexico as deeply as we have.

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