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6 Reasons To Do A Private Shore Excursion In CubaOur Magazine

Ever more cruise lines continue to add Cuba to their itineraries – an exciting new development for cruise lovers – but often the stays in port are far too short for such an exciting and culturally rich destination.

That’s where Exeter Latin America comes in – we help you escape the masses and make the most of your time in Cuba.

All private shore excursions are 100% customized to your specific interests, whether a family or a group of friends, and feature expert local guides who are skilled at helping you avoid the crowds.

Here are 6 great reasons to skip the cruise’s tours and enjoy a private shore excursion instead.

1. The Best Guides & Drivers
The cruise lines typically work with Cuban government tour operators, meaning even their private shore excursions will feature guides and drivers of unpredictable and usually lesser quality. We have worked hard to find the best guides in each city to ensure you have a vastly more interesting and personal stay.

Exeter Latin America founder Joe Sandillo with a private sector guide in Havana


2. Dine in the Top Private Restaurants

We’ll make reservations for you at our favorite hand-picked private restaurants (paladars), to ensure you have the best possible dining experience in Cuba.

3. No Visa Issues

You are not required to do the ship’s tours in order to disembark in Cuba. Your Cuban visa is valid to do a private shore excursion with us, and our itineraries are always designed to help you meet the U.S. requirements for legal Cuba travel.


4. Custom Pre- and Post-cruise Land Extensions

If your cruise begins or ends in a Cuban port, we can arrange a totally custom private itinerary for a few extra days including accommodations in our favorite deluxe hotels or privately-owned apartments and villas.

5. Travel in Style and at Your Own Speed

Doing a cruise line’s scheduled excursion could easily mean sharing time in port with 50 other passengers. A private excursion means you are in complete control of your time, while traveling in comfort throughout your stay. You can focus on seeing and doing what most interests you, to maximize your time!


6. Unlimited Choices
From cooking classes with a Cuban chef, visiting the local Jewish community, visiting specific artists’ home studios to see or buy art, or a private dinner in the home of a musician or art collector, we can open doors that you may not even know existed. Our sample itineraries are great for many in covering the highlights, but we’re always happy to help you dive deeper based on your specific interests.

For those looking for a more authentic, local or personalized experience in port, a private shore excursion has always been the way forward. We find most that go private, never go back!

We have terrific sample itineraries for Havana (1 day or 2 days), Cienfuegos/Trinidad, and Santiago de Cuba!


Ready to start planning your custom, private Cuba shore excursions? Send us an email or call us today (877-333-4988).

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